Anthony & Michelle Montage Highlight!



Hope for Kenya Trailer 2015


Do you want to see something that is becoming bigger than me?  Consumes my heart and causes me to give my very best?  This is that thing.

Uganda Water Project 1


This film is marked as private while undergoing review.  Contact James Harrington for the password.  Thank you. - Philip Coltart

Amber Highlight! So In Love!


It started off raining but the day only got better and better!  It became a beautiful sunset finish.  I wish you our very best in your new lives together - Philip Coltart

Ken and Jessica Teaser


You can't stop love!  That was the theme to this wedding day!  What a day of cloud, sun and rain!  So many moods and feeling coliding to make for a very rich experience.  Thank you Ken and Jessica for trusting me with your memories.  - Philip Coltart

Love Tease for October.......



Niral & Lyndsay Teaser


This wedding was electric!!!  The energy started early in the street and ended in the street!  I loved every moment and I can't wait to complete the full eidt.  Thank so much for trusting me with your day! - Philip Coltart

Anthony Teaser


This is a couple that loves quality film and it put some pressure on me to bring the magic.  I think we did a fair job in capturing the beauty they gave us on the day.  God bless you both! - Philip Coltart

Our Story



Field Realty



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