Amber Highlight! So In Love!


It started off raining but the day only got better and better!  It became a beautiful sunset finish.  I wish you our very best in your new lives together - Philip Coltart

Ken and Jessica Teaser


You can't stop love!  That was the theme to this wedding day!  What a day of cloud, sun and rain!  So many moods and feeling coliding to make for a very rich experience.  Thank you Ken and Jessica for trusting me with your memories.  - Philip Coltart

Love Tease for October.......



Niral & Lyndsay Teaser


This wedding was electric!!!  The energy started early in the street and ended in the street!  I loved every moment and I can't wait to complete the full eidt.  Thank so much for trusting me with your day! - Philip Coltart

Anthony Teaser


This is a couple that loves quality film and it put some pressure on me to bring the magic.  I think we did a fair job in capturing the beauty they gave us on the day.  God bless you both! - Philip Coltart

Our Story



Field Realty



Happy 4th from Philip Coltart Films!


4K in the sky!

Gabrielle Montage


Magic!  Just magic with these two!!!  - Philip Coltart

Demuth Montage


What a spectacular day!  Great waether and such a fun crowd!  From babies to Grandparents.  This wedding had it all!  Fireworks, sparklers!  I just loved it.  Thanks for letting me spy in - Philip Coltart

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