Heather Montage


What does it say when the groom gets a shotgun for a wedding gift???  :0)  Perhaps she trusts him as the bread winner!! Ha ha!  What a great couple!  I loved their colors, the time they gave me to film the way I like, the crane outside to give that impressive look!  What a day!  Thanks guys for trusting me with your day!  - Philip Coltart

Nicholas & Kendra Teaser


These two were so relaxed together.  Rob Spring and I had such an easy time with them all day.  They were just so natural together.  While I am very pleased with how the new cameras are performing, I couldn't have done it quite like this without the magic they posess!  Happy trails you two!!  - Philip Coltart

Lauren Montage


What glamor, what class, what beauty that was beheld on this day of all days!  Thank you for letting us be a part in telling the secrets of your heart!  I hope you enjoy this memory for many many years to come!  - Philip Coltart

Megan Montage



Julia Montage


I don't think she every stopped laughing during her day!  What a girl!  The whole day went off so well and working with JP Elario is always a pleasure.  Check out my sky shot of the church with the clouds rushing by.  That requires me leaving the camera on the church lawn unattended for about 40 minutes!!!! Worth it though and for the song she picked, I am so glad I have that shot.  Thank you both for letting me be the one to capture your wedding day!  It was a blast and I love how this came out for you.  I can't wait for you to have all the media we shot on the day! - Philip Coltart

Lauren Montage


This time my bride chose the music and I appreciated the feel she was going for.  Classy and smooth paced.  I liked it!  Good choice!  Bless you both! _ Philip Coltart

Sarah Fox Montage


This was and extensive shoot with over eight cameras running and the famous overhead crane camera but wow, what a result.  This is one to treasure for life and we were so privileged to be able to capture it for them.  God bless you both - Philip Coltart

Gloria Teaser


I couldn't resist posting a teaser of this day with Gloria.  What a stunner!  I love shooting at Yotto and she knew exactly what to do!  Thanks for letting me capture your day!  - Philip Coltart

Lauryne Montage.


Lauryne was smiles all day long.  They were so joyous together, it made filming their day a real pleasure for my assistants.  Thank you guys for extending this honor to us to film your day for you and your family. - Philip Coltart

Lexi Teaser


This was an exceptional day with breezy weather and great company.  Christine Wheat Wedding Events and Rennaisance Floral Design.  My first time shooting at the Crooked Lake House and it is a serene location with fabulous old quality throughout.  Thank you for letting me capture your day for you.  Enjoy this teaser while we continue our full edit.  - Philip Coltart

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