Sarah Rosen Montage



Juliet Montage


Juliet is a TV star so I was deeply honored that she trusted me with the visual recolection of her wedding day.  I went a bit overboard, shot every detail in RAW (highest camera setting) which requires a ton of work but I wanted to see what kind of clarity could be achieved.  Not only did the technical aspect come together but Juliet and Chris were both so easy to work with.  The venue at Sixty State Place was a new location for me and I simply loved it and Anthology took a very large room and made every part of it a moment of discovery.  I only wish I had more time to shoot it.  I hope you enjoy these precious moments from her day! Be blessed!  - Philip Coltart

Stephanie Montage


This was a windy one down by the water at Lake George, but it was clear in an instant that these two just love being together.  Tracey is always a blast to work with and the room they designed was spectacular.  I am so glad I was chosen to film their day.  - Philip Coltart

Tara Montage


Although I was not your videographer for this one, I am stunned at how beautiful it is.  Some really lovely moments and I can just sense the joy that you both have for your day together.  I hope you enjoy this foverer and a day.  Blessings. - Philip Coltart

Adrianna Montage


This was such a beautiful fall day and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  I hope you guys enjoy passing this around and look back on it fondly for many many years.  - Philip Coltart

Sarah Montage


I LOVED Mary's dress!  It was so detailed and shaped just right.  The weather was spectacular and there is nothing like using the camera crane at the Sagamore for those long sweeping bridal shots coming down the isle!  Tracey Buyce and I nailed some really spectacular shots at sunset!  Just spendid!  David Michael Schmidt makes me look good again by providing a spectacular display of design to film.  Thank you both for having me capture every moment of your day! - Philip Coltart

Kyra Montage


Wow! So many elements that made this occasion so rich.  The time Tracey Buyce took with them with the old car, really made it unique.  It was a chilly day but they made it so worth it with their heart to celebrate.  That certainly comes through the film.  And what a song choice!!! I had never heard it until now.  Great choice!  Be blessed!  - Philip Coltart

Heather Montage


What does it say when the groom gets a shotgun for a wedding gift???  :0)  Perhaps she trusts him as the bread winner!! Ha ha!  What a great couple!  I loved their colors, the time they gave me to film the way I like, the crane outside to give that impressive look!  What a day!  Thanks guys for trusting me with your day!  - Philip Coltart

Nicholas & Kendra Teaser


These two were so relaxed together.  Rob Spring and I had such an easy time with them all day.  They were just so natural together.  While I am very pleased with how the new cameras are performing, I couldn't have done it quite like this without the magic they posess!  Happy trails you two!!  - Philip Coltart

Lauren Montage


What glamor, what class, what beauty that was beheld on this day of all days!  Thank you for letting us be a part in telling the secrets of your heart!  I hope you enjoy this memory for many many years to come!  - Philip Coltart

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