Christian Montage



Ashely Montage


How sweet it is!!!  You can just feel the anticipation in this wedding for their hearts to be one at last.  One last farewell is to be said though.  Take a look!  Thank you Spath Family.  It is a sincere privilege....... - Philip Coltart  

Morgan Montage Highlight


I hate to say 'rock star' and 'model' but these two had such a unique look, and when they came together it was as beautiful as fire and ice.  And what a setting at the Sagamore Resort with passionate decor done by the renowned Renaissance Floral Design!  It was truly a site to behold and I was so privileged to capture their day and the happiness that shared among everyone there.  Sweet people, ready to add their salt to the earth.  Thank for letting me scoop all this up for you to keep forever! - Philip Coltart

Ronan & Brooke Montage!


This was a spectacular day at the Sagamore Hotel with a brisk breeze and plenty of reason to celebrate!  Matt Ramos always works very very hard and I so enjoy shooting with him.  They were so willing to do crazy dock pictures, despite the crazy waves and also get away from the party for some stellar night shots!  Thank you Ronan & Brooke.  It was my pleasure to shoot it and relive it again in the edit.  I hope you enjoy this for all your years ahead!  - Philip Coltart

Amy Montage


This was a spectacular couple to meet and spend time with. They have had a very difficult 2013 and I hope that this montage really outlines the strength they have aquired in each other.  I have a huge amount of respect for you both.  May God Bless your 2014 and beyond!  -  Philip Coltart

Mike & Elina Montage



Jen &Stephen


This was a fantastic day at the  The Mansion Inn which showcased such ornate beauty with large windows to throw lots of light.  It was my pleasure to work with Rob Spring Photography.  We always gel well and seemed to be on the same wavelength for ideas and locations.  

Nicole Montage.


Such a sweet smile carried Matt Ramos and myself through all the rain to capture some stunning intimate moments. What a team!

My Passion for Life


This is a snapshot of what all of your that support my business make posible every year.  When you support my business, you directly touch the lives of these precious children in Kenya.  You have my deepest thanks.  We are changing lives together!

Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!


This girl had passion and giggles all day long and it was contagious.  I travelled quite a distance to film this bunch and I enjoyed every moment.  None more than when the bag pipes came out at the reception.  My hairs were on end and I shed a tear or two behind the lens.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it all!  - Philip Coltart

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