Courtney Montage


Courtney was one of our first 4K weddings this year and wow!  What a difference it makes.  Finally we feel we are shooting in true 4K Cinema.  Colors are rich and true and the clarity is four times higher than HD Video!  I hope you love this, especially when the sun came out at the end of your ceremony!  What a day!  Shooting with Jeff is always a blast as he constantly wants to try new things and seems to pull endless camera formats out of his bag!!!  Thank you for letting me be a fly on the wall! - Philip Coltart

John Montage



John Montage


This fantastic couple had the great idea of hiring me to film their event and keep it for a later day for the edit.  Years later they sent us the hard drive with all the media we shot and we were happy to edit the finished product for them.  Now, all these years later, they can relive their wedding day!  Blessings!

Matt & Jennifer Jason


What a story.  I love these two!  Thanks for inviting me to your wedding......couldn't help myslef and filmed it!!!!  Be blessed! - Philip Coltart

Amy Montage


This family just couldn't stop giggling at the getting ready and I just knew it was a going to be a fun day, even though it was so cold out!  Plus we were filming at the Hall of Springs.  One of my favorite locations.  Once we raced into the church from the bitter cold, the warmth of the hall and the lights and the glow from everyone was so fitting.  I had a great time filming all these momments.  God bless you both  -  Philip Coltart

Sarah Rosen Montage



Juliet Montage


Juliet is a TV star so I was deeply honored that she trusted me with the visual recolection of her wedding day.  I went a bit overboard, shot every detail in RAW (highest camera setting) which requires a ton of work but I wanted to see what kind of clarity could be achieved.  Not only did the technical aspect come together but Juliet and Chris were both so easy to work with.  The venue at Sixty State Place was a new location for me and I simply loved it and Anthology took a very large room and made every part of it a moment of discovery.  I only wish I had more time to shoot it.  I hope you enjoy these precious moments from her day! Be blessed!  - Philip Coltart

Stephanie Montage


This was a windy one down by the water at Lake George, but it was clear in an instant that these two just love being together.  Tracey is always a blast to work with and the room they designed was spectacular.  I am so glad I was chosen to film their day.  - Philip Coltart

Tara Montage


Although I was not your videographer for this one, I am stunned at how beautiful it is.  Some really lovely moments and I can just sense the joy that you both have for your day together.  I hope you enjoy this foverer and a day.  Blessings. - Philip Coltart

Adrianna Montage


This was such a beautiful fall day and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  I hope you guys enjoy passing this around and look back on it fondly for many many years.  - Philip Coltart

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