Park Montage in Color



Uganda Safari



Morgan Montage Highlight


I had such a blast with these two, Tracey Buyce and I got a little wet but it was so worth it and the evening sun was to die for.  What a strong party ensued.  Thanks for letting me celebrate on the side lines!  - Philip Coltart

Uganda Films 3



Uganda Films 2


When filming in Uganda, we visited the phenomenal group of women that have come together with determination to better themselves and provide for their children.  They are all widows that have found life and hope.  They are truly the super heros of this world.  Here is a video of the Brick Making Machine that was donated to lift these ladies out of adject poverty.  - Philip Coltart

Uganda Films 1


Some of our work in Uganda

Stephanie Teaser


I always like to arrive and have my clients tell me how much they have prayed for this special day.  It tells me their expectations are high.  And so they should be for all the love that goes into this wedding day.  Here is a very brief teaser to wet your appetite.  Blessings to you all and my best wishes to your Grandmother.  - Philip Coltart

Mackie Montage


This had to be the coldest wedding in Lake Placid I have ever shot but it didn't stop them from being all smiles and even doing sparklers in the middle of the night!  What a party.  It just kept getting louder and happier as the night went on.  Thank you for trusting me with these most precious times in your lives.  It was the first time with a new set of cameras too and I couldn't be happier with the color and detail we are now able to gather.  Simply stunning!  I wish you my very best for your future together. - Philip Coltart

Christian Montage



Ashely Montage


How sweet it is!!!  You can just feel the anticipation in this wedding for their hearts to be one at last.  One last farewell is to be said though.  Take a look!  Thank you Spath Family.  It is a sincere privilege....... - Philip Coltart  

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