Tricia Montage


It was so obvious from the first 5 minutes of having these two together that they were melded at the heart.  There was such a sweet intimacy about them that was purely radiant and made it such a joy to wintness their wedding day and be the ones the captured these moments forever.  Thank you so much for trusting me with your day.  - Philip Coltart

Tom & Shannon Montage - Albany


These two sought me out pretty vigorously and now, after working for them, I can safely say, we have become friends.  They are just such neat people and they have a strong sense of love for each other and those they come into contact with.  It was a pleasure meeting the rest of your crew and filming a pretty fun night out at your wedding!!!  I look forward to dinner :0)  Philip Coltart

Courtney Montage


Courtney was one of our first 4K weddings this year and wow!  What a difference it makes.  Finally we feel we are shooting in true 4K Cinema.  Colors are rich and true and the clarity is four times higher than HD Video!  I hope you love this, especially when the sun came out at the end of your ceremony!  What a day!  Shooting with Jeff is always a blast as he constantly wants to try new things and seems to pull endless camera formats out of his bag!!!  Thank you for letting me be a fly on the wall! - Philip Coltart

John Montage



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