Albany Wedding Videos

Blu-Ray Discs Glens Sanders Mansion - Michael is a Director at ABC in New York. So, again, we were honored to be chosen to handle film on his special day. This fun loving couple was a reeal treat to work with. They wanted a really organic film look to their wedding video and this sample of just the getting ready nails that look. It came out beautifully and looks tremendous on the big screening with all the subtle textures and flares that went into it. At Philip Coltart Films, we love to push new ideas and create new ways to express the real magic of ones union. Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding - You just couldn't rock this couple off their happy island. Even in the face of some tricky weather, they came through looking stunning in every take. Their happiness just exuded from their hearts and it made the whole day a thrill to work on. Tracey Buyce was our photographer and kept the momentum going so that we hit the right spots when the weather cleared. She is a hoot! Christine Wheat was our coordinator and she kept everything seamless. She is just so efficient at what she does. An me? I just ran from one great moment to another, just trying my best to soak up all the goodness that was spilling all around. Tremendous people from beautiful families. Thank you for letting me grab this momentous day for you. Sarah Brandone Teaser - Gina & Ryan Montage - Winter Sweetness!!! - Kristen Montage - This was a beautiful wedding video at the Glen Sanders Mansion, shot with Tracey Buyce Photography. Lots of pretty little flower girls and oversized balloons made this wedding a visual treat for all of us. The Glen Sanders Mansion were exceptional hosts gave their support for every stage of the day. It was truly magical. Stephanie and Mike Ketubah Signing - Mike is a Director down at ABC in New York City, so we were honored to be chosen by him to film his wedding day. I think it is a testimony to our dedication to film quality. This was filmed at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Albany. They had a very unique style request, for the film to be very film-like and almost antique. We had not supplied this before and it took a bit of work to get the look that we like and they ended up loving!!! We threw a little twist in there and decided to feature the beautiful Ketubah, by showcasing it in full color. It was an instant hit and required no changes from the ABC director. :0)
Glens Sanders Mansion Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Sarah Brandone Teaser Gina & Ryan Montage Winter Sweetness!!! Kristen Montage Stephanie and Mike Ketubah Signing