Saratoga Wedding Videos

Blu-Ray Discs Hall of Springs in Saratoga - Cold and crispy!!! This was a cold March wedding but cold means clean air and great light. This couple was brave and flirtatious. Beautiful and vibrant. Adoring and in love. So, it makes my work so easy to just spray the natural moments that happen all around me. Weddings like this are like kids at Disney for the first time and I just love to watch people so full of joy and warmth. Congratualtions! A day to remember. Thank you for allowing me to present you those memories in HD Video. Photographer was Matt Ramos. Location was Saratoga National Golf Club and Hall of Springs. Erik and Kristin Montage - Ian and Brittney Montage - This couple couldn't have been happier and the Saratoga National Golf Course was an exquisite backdrop for their love story. Matt Ramos was their photographer and we had a great time with the bride and groom exploring the property in golf carts to get the best light and backdrop for radiant footage. There was a lot of Irish in the family so you didn't need to tell them twice to have a great time! :0) Kate Montage Saratoga National - This wedding took an intimate setting at their house in Saratoga Springs. It was multicultural and had lavish examples of world travel. It was celebrated at the Saratoga National Golf Course with an outdoor tent. Kate requested this song, which demanded a change in the way the edit was presented. I love it and it was an instant hit with the bride and groom. Congress Park, Saratoga - I was so fortunate to experience the rich culture that this couple and their families represent. It was shot at the Canfield Casino in Congress Park, Saratoga. It was a wedding full of color and sound. When the bride walked in and the dancers were shouting and drums pounding, my hairs stood on the back of my neck. What an entrance!!! Saratoga National - This is my latest favorite. Although my favorite is always my most recent. That's just the way I work. I can't do a 'rush job'. It's just not in my DNA. So, the color, the timing, the choice shots on this took time and it shows. Yes, I'm boasting here, but that's what happens when you're passionate about your work. It should be something to shout about. Many thanks to Christine Wheat Special Events for making everything come together. She is such a delight on the day, even for the vendors. How do you film a family's wedding twice? You make an exceptional impression and film their sisters coming up this October. Oh, I have pressured myself for that one now ;0) - Philip Coltart Glen Sanders Mansion, Albany - If you think a rainy wedding holds less visual value, think again! Colors are richer, light is softer and if you are overwhelmed with each other, like this couple, it makes for a stunning day! Take a look!
Hall of Springs in Saratoga Erik and Kristin Montage Ian and Brittney Montage Kate Montage Saratoga National Congress Park, Saratoga Saratoga National Glen Sanders Mansion, Albany