My Passion for Life


This is a snapshot of what all of your that support my business make posible every year.  When you support my business, you directly touch the lives of these precious children in Kenya.  You have my deepest thanks.  We are changing lives together!

Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!


This girl had passion and giggles all day long and it was contagious.  I travelled quite a distance to film this bunch and I enjoyed every moment.  None more than when the bag pipes came out at the reception.  My hairs were on end and I shed a tear or two behind the lens.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it all!  - Philip Coltart

Rachel Montage



Frances Montage


If you thought a rainy day ruins your video, THINK AGAIN!  Overcast weather is the best lighting any videographer could ask for.  It is God's giant softbox for soft skin, smooth tones and squint free!  In fact if everything is wet then colors are all the more richer!  Check this example out!  Oh, and it helps to be madly in love too, like these two.  Nothing could spoil their thrill!  - Philip Coltart

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